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Full-Time & Part- Time Nannies

Full time nannies provide beyond general supervision. They work along parents to provide full time care for the children. This often includes, driving children to/from school, organizing playdates and age appropriate activities, taking charge of the bedtime routine, and scheduling ongoing appointments for the child. These needs can change based of the family and the schedule but typically full time nannies offer full care of the child. Full time nannies typically work 40-60 hours a week. Many of our nannies work a traditional schedule of 9am-5pm but other works on a team providing families with 24/7 care around the clock. We will work with you to find the schedule and nanny that best fit your needs. Full time nanny rates start in East Texas start at $18/hour and go up to $25/hour. In addition to their wages, we recommend they also receive 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays/sick days, and a health insurance stipend.

Part Time Nannies

No matter the time of day, an extra set of hands can come very needed. This is where part-time nannies and mothers helpers come into play. Maybe you need after-school help, or a couple days per week. No matter the schedule or time of day we can find a part-time nanny that can help with your schedule. Our weekend nannies looking for extra hours can be considered for part-time help, along with college students and former camp counselors. Typical part-time nannies work around 20 hours per week. Flexibiliy with part-time nannies can be limited so it is important that the family has a set schedule each week. Othertimes nannies will pick-up extra hours around other work commitments.

Special Needs Nanny

We are committed to helping every family and meeting their needs! Our nannies are equipped to help with severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities, as well as social-emotional and behavioral needs. Our special needs nannies are educated to your Childs specific concerns and needs, passionate, and safety conscious! They are CPR certified, experienced with administering medication, and willing to take additional specialized training to attend to your child with the upmost care. We understand there can be therapist and specialist your child will see during the week and our special needs nanny will coordinate with them, and keep the parents completely in the loop are all changes, updates and progress! These nannies re team-oriented and naturally a cheerleader for your child!

Family Assistants

This is the combination of both a personal assistant and a nanny. The family assistant can wear all the hats with grace and balance and stay on top of that never ending to-do list while the children are at school or other appointments. Family assistant assist with everything a full time nanny achieves, along with managing schedules, appointments and everything else in-between. For these roles we are only considering candidates who have both nanny and personal assistant experience, are naturally organized, tech savvy and have no problem keeping busy during the day - on fact, they prefer it! Duties of this roles are almost limitless but will include, organizing the family calendar, keeping parents in the loop on upcoming school functions and upcoming appointments, handling grocery shopping, coordinating with various vendors, planning and researching summer activities, simple meal prep, providing pet care and more. If it keeps the household spinning, it will likely be considered as a responsibility for this role. This role is a full time job and will be a minimum of 40 hours per week. Current rates for this position start at $22/hour and we recommend that family assistants receive the following benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays/sick days and a health insurance stipend.

Private Teachers

Our private in home educators come vary in background - some are former credentialed teachers, tutors, and college-educated nannies with a passion for education. Some of our educators come from a Montessori background while others have an "unschooling" approach. We can find the right educator for your family with our placement counselors. The more we know about your families desires for educating your children, the better we can find the "match made in Heaven." Private educators can often travel with the family and are required to have a current passport. We will work with you to build a compensation package based off your needs and the number of children the private educator will be working with.

Our Services