Why Families Choose ETX Nannies

Hiring a Nanny can bring on many different emotions and take a lot of time that isn't often available for busy working parents. We understand the challenges or finding the right nanny, and how time consuming this process can be, which is where we come in with our white glove service from beginning, middle and end. ETX Nannies takes over the process by truly knowing our families inside and out and knowing their needs, and delivering the absolute best candidate for your family in a timely manner, but we stick around for support even after a hire is made! Knowing that you are backed up an agency that has the families best interest at heart will bring peace of mind while you wait on that "match made in Heaven". Our agency is up to date on all the latest recruiting techniques and vetting processes. We are up date on all employment contracts payroll, and industry standards. SO sit back, relax, and let us get that match made!

1. Expertise and Screening: ETX Nannies has experienced placement counselors who thoroughly screen potential candidates, checking their qualifications, background, and references. This helps ensure that families receive highly qualified caregivers. All of our nannies must pass our rigorous screening process to begin placement with a family.

2. Time Savings: Searching for a nanny on your own can be time-consuming. An agency can expedite the process by presenting pre-screened candidates who meet your criteria, saving you the effort of sifting through numerous resumes and conducting interviews.

3. Access to a Larger Pool of Professional Nannies: Agencies often have access to a broader network of professional nannies, including those not actively seeking jobs. This can increase the chances of finding the right fit for your family.

4. Legal Compliance: Nanny agencies can assist with legal aspects, such as ensuring that the nanny's employment contract complies with labor laws and handling tax-related matters, reducing potential legal risks for the family.

5. Matching Services: Some agencies use sophisticated matching algorithms to pair families with nannies based on their preferences, which can lead to better compatibility.

6. Ongoing Support: Many agencies provide ongoing support and mediation services if issues arise between the family and the nanny, helping to maintain a positive working relationship.

7. Trust and Security: Families may trust agencies to conduct thorough background checks, which can provide peace of mind when hiring someone to care for their children.

8. Confidentiality: Agencies can help maintain the family's privacy by handling the initial screening and communication with potential nannies.

9. Reduced Stress: The hiring process can be stressful and overwhelming. An agency can streamline the process and reduce the stress associated with finding the right caregiver.

10. Customized Services: Nanny agencies often tailor their services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each family, providing a personalized experience.

How It Works

We learn about your family! In our initial conversation, we will learn your weekly schedule, the job responsibilities you need met, childcare philosophies and professional and personal traits you'd like to see in your nanny. Based off that criteria, we personal match you with nannies who will be suitable for your needs. We will email you the matches from our candidates who have passed vigorous vetting process for your consideration. From there we will schedule your interview in your home or favorite local spot. After the interview we will follow up with both the family and the nanny for confidential feedback! Once you've picked your nanny and are ready to move forward with the hiring process we will help you with any questions along the way. After your nanny has been placed, we are still in your corner and here when you need us. We love updates on our placements and will be here if you need a back-up or date night babysitter!

Rate and Placement Fees

For East Texas based families our placement fee is 10% of the employees total gross annual compensation. We will always begin our search with a local candidate but as many nannies are looking to relocate from the city, to smaller cities we will expand our search if needed to find your family the perfect match. To begin a search, a $350 engagement fee is due. Our clients will receive the following as part of their service:

  • A private discussion with a seasoned placement counselor to explore your family's requirements.
  • A tailor-made job description
  • Continuous assistance from our skilled team throughout the entirety of the placement process
  • Thorough candidate assessment, encompassing reference verification, employment history checks, personal interviews, and online screening.
  • Internal scheduling of all interviews, along with comprehensive interview and hiring guidelines."
  • After extending and accepting an offer of employment, we conduct an extensive background check, which encompasses: a criminal history search covering all residences within the past seven years, a national criminal search for the following seven years, a global terrorist check, Social Security number trace, and a motor vehicle report.
  • A meticulously crafted employment contract, customized to suit your household's specific needs."
  • Verification of CPR & First Aid Certification
  • An exclusive one-year assurance: If employment concludes before the year's end, in accordance with our permanent placement agreement, ETX Nannies will happily apply a prorated segment of your initial placement fee to your subsequent search.