How It Works

WE GET TO KNOW YOU: All candidates must pass our thorough screening process to be eligible for representation. If your résumé suggests you might be a potential match, we'll extend an invitation for an in-person interview. This interview allows us to delve deeper into your background and discover your preferences regarding families and positions

REFERENCE CHECK: Following a successful interview, we'll contact your references to ensure that you're as outstanding as we believe you to be! From there, the exciting journey of finding your perfect match will commence

WE MATCH YOU WITH JOBS: Using your unique criteria, we pair you with families seeking someone like you. Once we've identified a potential position, we present your nanny profile for the family's review.

WE SCHEDULE INTERVIEW: We'll arrange and schedule meetings with families interested in meeting you, offering helpful tips for a successful process! Following the interview, we conduct feedback sessions with both you and the family.

WE WALK YOU THROUGH THE HIRING PROCESS: A family has expressed interest in hiring you-congratulations! At ETX, our team will handle salary negotiations, define employment terms, and oversee contract and hiring details to secure the best possible package for you.

WE PROVIDE ON-GOING SUPPORT: After you're hired, we're always here to address any inquiries, regularly check in to gauge your experience, keep you informed about relevant educational opportunities for nannies, and extend exclusive invitations to ETX nanny events!


  • Minimum 2 years professional childcare experience
  • Outstanding Childcare References
  • Make a 1-year commitment to a family
  • Must be a resident of East Texas
  • High school diploma
  • Professional Online Presence
  • Proficient in English
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Strong Driving Record
  • CPR & First Aid Certified (Or Willing)
  • Comfortable being Legally Employed and W2 and/or Paid Via Payroll
  • Valid Passport Holder
  • Non-Smoker
  • Legal to Work in US

Why It Matters

ETX Nannies seeks individuals with diverse skill sets, a strong passion for childcare, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional care to children. We value those who have consistently exhibited the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

What It Takes

ETX Nannies represents experienced, skilled, dependable, and proactive professionals in the nanny field. We offer candidates exclusive opportunities, premium positions, and competitive compensation packages-all without any fees. We seek exceptional nannies who are truly passionate about working with children and making a consistently positive, lasting impact. Do you have what it takes?